Taylor Swift Dared To Cover A Beloved '70s Classic & It Didn't Go Well

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I'm a diehard Swiftie but even I understand that some things should be left well-enough alone. That includes Earth Wind And Fire's "September," a certified bop that cannot be improved upon, least of all by slowing it down.
To be fair, Swift is known for her covers. She did a whole slew of them during her 1989 world tour, and it seems like Reputation will be no exception. Today, along with Spotify, the pop star released stripped-down, acoustic versions of both "Delicate," her own song, and "September." The thing is, a stripped-down, acoustic version of "September" takes away pretty much everything that's great about it, and the people of Twitter certainly noticed.
"If you were curious to hear what unseasoned boiled chicken breast sounded like in song, take a listen to Taylor Swift cover Earth, Wind & Fire," tweeted writer Michael Arceneaux.
"Taylor Swift covering Earth Wind and Fire is the exact kind of evil the Devil tries to bring to pass on Friday the 13th," wrote Shondaland editor Kendra James. "I suggest tossing some salt over your shoulder keeping it moving."
However, other people are accusing the internet of taking their hatred of Swift too far.
"Honestly, everyone is entitled to their tastes/opinions but the Taylor Swift backlash flock mentality has more than gotten old," wrote singer Dean Boudreau. "So what if she recorded a cover and you think it's boring. How many boring cover songs exist in the world? Did you write thinkpieces about all of them?"
"angry about taylor swift’s september cover? fear not for i have a stunningly elegant and creative solution!" another fan tweeted. "step 1: don’t listen to it step 2: continue to not listen to it step 3: repeat"
Considering this is going down the same week Cardi B's Invasion Of Privacy broke Swift's streaming record, it's not a good day for the singer. Where do you fall on "September"-gate? Are you as mad as I am that it's happening in April? Do you care at all?
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