Things Are So Bleak For Alexis Bledel On The Handmaid’s Tale That Even Her Photoshoots Are Miserable

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The second season of The Handmaid's Tale is rapidly approaching, but as far as Alexis Bledel is concerned, we're already in it. This season sees our three main heroines in wildly different places — Moira (Samira Wiley) in Canada, June (Elisabeth Moss) in Gilead, and Emily (Bledel) in the colonies — and so much of their press for the upcoming season reflects their circumstances. Unfortunately for Bledel, that apparently means being covered in dirt.
Since the colonies involve a lot of digging and dying, it makes sense that her character would be a little worse for wear, but Entertainment Weekly wants to make sure you get it. The outlet got an exclusive look at the show's sophomore season, interviewing the actresses alongside a photoshoot, and they said a lot of important things. For instance, Wiley's character was extremely influenced by Time's Up, which is definitely an important thing that I should be writing about right now, but I couldn't stop focusing on the fact that while the other women got hair and makeup done, Bledel looks like she had instead just rolled around on the floor.
"I always think of Moira as a superhero, for my own portrayal, just getting inspiration from women in the Time's Up movement that are vocal about what's going on in the world and making sure they're on the forefront, those are the women that I gain inspiration from," Wiley says in the video, clad in a stylish camo jacket and berry lipstick.
"There are many ways you can resist, and there are many surprising ways you can resist," Moss, who wears a pristine red handmaid's outfit, says.
"Delving much deeper into [Emily's] story in season two, it was an incredible challenge," Bledel adds, hair ruffled, clothes falling apart, absolutely covered in dirt. Can't this woman get a moment of relief from the oppression of the colonies? Is this just going to be a "thing" now? Everyone else rocks up to the red carpet premiere in heels and dresses while Bledel drags herself behind them using only her hands and sporting nothing other than the pillowcase she was given as a smock? I guess she's really gunning for Emmy number two.
The Handmaid's Tale returns to Hulu on April 25.
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