Taco Bell Is Rolling Out 4 More $1 Menu Items

Photo: Courtesy of Taco Bell..
Back in the very early part of January, Taco Bell made an announcement that had us thinking that maybe, just maybe, 2018 wouldn't be so bad. The fast food chain committed to introducing 20 new menu items that would all cost $1 each. It kicked things off with Nacho Fries, and this morning, it announced four more $1 menu additions. Starting Thursday, April 5, Taco Bell fans can add Triple Melt Nachos, the Triple Melt Burrito, the Crispy Chicken Taco, or the Beefy Crunch Burrito to their regular orders for an additional dollar.
Adding four new $1 menu items might seem like a generous move on Taco Bell's part, but the releases aren't completely selfless. Back in January, Nacho Fries became Taco Bell’s most successful new menu item launch ever. In mid-march, it was reported that over 53 million orders of Nacho Fries had been placed since their release less than two months earlier. At the time, the chain also said that since their release, more than a third of all Taco Bell orders included the Nacho Fries. Since the year's first $1 menu addition was so popular, it makes sense that Taco Bell would want to try and recreate the success.
Photo: Courtesy of Taco Bell.
So, that's where the Triple Melt Burrito and Triple Melt Nachos come in. Both of these new menu additions will be available at Taco Bell locations nationwide starting Thursday. If you're a cheese lover — really, who isn't? — these two items are made with nacho cheese and a melty shredded three-cheese blend. Depending on which one you order, the cheesy, beefy mixture comes served on top of tortilla chips or inside a tortilla.
As for the other two new $1 menu items, unfortunately, they're only available in select cities. The Crispy Chicken Taco is being tested in Oklahoma City, OK, while the Beefy Crunch Burrito is being tested in Chattanooga, TN. Though their limited releases are disappointing, if the tests go well, the offerings could very well be released nationwide at some point soon. After all, the Triple Melt Burrito and Triple Melt Nachos were both tested in Cincinnati, OH this past fall.

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