Your April Horoscope, Revealed

Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
Think of the friction in the world and our personal lives as the churning of the seas. Though chaotic to look at, eventually the chaos gives birth to amazing possibilities we hadn’t thought of before. Think of two stones crashing together to make sparks, eventually turning into a blazing fire, or how the key in the ignition starts an engine. Timing and friction gives us destruction and creation. Chaos can be a good thing.
April sets the stage for the rocking spring season that will have many of us wondering what the @#% is happening?! Sit tight, it’s all part of the celestial master plan to get us to let go of what no longer works so we can make room for the new. We open up the month with both the sun and Mercury retrograde in Aries joining to herald a new consciousness for the season, but don’t commit to any bright ideas just yet. Mercury will be running the gauntlet, getting into tense scrapes with Mars (the planet of action and war) and Saturn (the planet of restrictions and responsibilities). People might tell you "no" or to "do it again," but don’t take anything to heart. Most importantly, slow down and think before acting and speaking — unless you want to end up in the midst of a meltdown.
Venus is in her element while she's in Taurus — lean on her to soften the blows and learn from her patient and beautiful disposition. Venus is coming to romance Saturn and Mars this week, just as the flowers start to bloom, so allow these earthy planets to show you the lush abundance around you. Sniff the flowers, indulge in decadent food, and enjoy music (especially of the nostalgic variety). Earth is a sensual element. When life gets too hectic, remember that there’s so much to appreciate that will ultimately outlast the current madness.
The new moon in Aries on the 16th may bring the beginning of the end in one area of your life. It’s time to let go — don’t cry, this is only making space for something new and possibly better. The 18th is a red letter day as Saturn turns around to retrace his steps, asking us to review what he's taught us. Saturn in Capricorn asks: What are you patiently working on, without anyone's praise or recognition? How can you make it even better upon closer inspection?
The Sun is meeting up with Uranus the revolutionary, electrifying our lives with something unexpected and shocking as he shakes us out of our comfort zones. Meanwhile, Venus and Jupiter oppose each other and get a bit too carried away with their love of the sensual and sexual. The fullness of spring begins to blossom when the sun enters Taurus on the 20th, slowing down the pace of life just in time for Pluto, planet of the underworld, to enter retrograde on the 22nd and make us retrace how we’ve been handling or mishandling our power. We could see deep, violent rumblings when Mars meets up with Pluto on the 26th and the two planets shows us what action, plus violence, plus power can look like. We wrap up the month with an emotionally cleansing full moon in Scorpio, letting us release dead weight in a productive manner. Pack light, travel lighter, and away we go!