Everything Leaving Netflix In April

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It's finally spring, and Netflix has gotten into the spirit. By that I mean, while we're spring-cleaning our homes, Netflix is taking a look through its movies and TV shows and getting rid of (in the words of Marie Kondo) those that no longer bring them joy. The thing is, they bring us joy, so consider this your binge-watching to-do list for the final weeks of March as you catch up on the titles that will soon be leaving the site.
Luckily, TV seems to be pretty much spared in this monthly culling. Instead, a whole slew of movies are on their way out. For instance, both classics American Pie and American Pie 2 are expiring on the first (despite only coming to Netflix this February). John Mulaney's New In Town special, one of my personal lonely night favorites, is also leaving right off the bat, along with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Never Let Me Go, and Apollo 13.
Later in the month, dramas like The Prestige jump ship, as well as some romantic staples like Leap Year and Begin Again.
The good news is this: Like in real life, spring cleaning just makes room for newer, better stuff. The same goes for Netflix, which will also be welcoming a hefty selection of new titles to replace the holes currently being made in our hearts. Until then, however, you can read ahead to start plotting your plan of attack for the remaining days of March, and of course get yourself warmed up for a whole new month of Netflix and chilling. Oh, is the weather getting nicer outside? We have better fish to fry on our couches.

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