Starbucks Just Released Its New Crystal Ball Frappuccino & It Really Predicts The Future

Photo: Courtesy of Starbucks.
Update: It seems as if we were able to see into the future. Today, Starbucks released a brand new colorful beverage called the Crystal Ball Frappuccino, which will be available now through Monday, March 26.
Thanks to internet rumors, we were able to predict the Crystal Ball Frappuccino's arrival, however we didn't know all the details about the drink. The beverage is in fact a peach-flavored crème-based Frappuccino, but what we weren't aware of was that it gets its crystal ball cloud look from turquoise sparkles. Another detail we didn't know until this morning was that this Frappuccino's whipped cream is also peach-flavored.
Finally, each Frappuccino is topped with either blue, green, or purple crystal sprinkles. Each color represents a different prediction, but when you order the new Frappuccino, you won't know what color sprinkles yours will be topped with. Blue sprinkles mean that an exciting adventure is in your future, while green ones predict luck. Last, but not least, purple sprinkles foretell magic, wonder, and enchantment. Go forth and have your destiny revealed.
This story was originally published on March 19, 2018.
There's no denying it, Starbucks has mastered Instagram appeal. Over the course of the past year, the coffee chain has released a colorful new themed Frappuccino every few months, and each one seems to have been made to be photographed and shared all over social media. This week, we may be getting yet another one.
Though we don't have any official confirmation from Starbucks, Business Insider reported that this Thursday, a drink called the Crystal Ball Frappuccino will be released for just four days. According to Instagram posts from baristas around the country, the Crystal Ball Frappuccino has a marbleized blue appearance that looks like the swirling clouds inside a crystal ball. Like all Frappuccinos, this treat is finished with whipped cream, but it also gets the unique addition of multi-color crystal candies on top. Though its color is blue, the drink is apparently peach-flavored, which we couldn't have predicted even if we had a crystal ball.

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We reached out to Starbucks to see if it could tell us more about the rumored new drink. A spokesperson responded by explaining, "We do not have any details to share on new beverage launches at this time."
After being denied details by the official Frappucino source, we headed over to the Starbucks subreddit to see if there had been any leaks. Though we were able to learn details about the Unicorn Frappuccino from Reddit posts before its official launch last April, there were no limited edition Frappuccino posts to be found. However, there was an announcement posted reminding members not to publish internal resources in the subreddit.
The announcement, which was posted 14 days ago but remains at the top of the page, states, "In the coming days, many of you will probably hear about some news of an upcoming product or products. Please please please please, do not post it here." So, while there's no confirmation that the Crystal Ball Frappuccino is coming, there is definitely going to be a new product released sometime soon. We'll keep you posted as we learn more.
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