Food Companies That Are Giving Back This International Women's Day

International Women’s Day isn’t about material things. It’s not about shopping or purchasing items that have feminist slogans on them. The day has been set aside for us to celebrate women’s contributions in all areas and explore how we can continue advancement for women in our society. In other words, it’s meant to be about actual work, both recognizing the work of others and doing some work of our own. However, we also live in a capitalist society, which means a lot of brands use women’s empowerment as a marketing tool, especially during International Women’s Month and on International Women’s Day.
While that’s something we have often felt uneasy about, we do kind of get it. We are drawn to products that feature feminist slogans, and we've all got to make that paper somehow. Still, this International Women's Day, we want to focus on the companies that are actually doing good work in addition to selling us products that are branded with women's empowerment.
Ahead we have highlighted seven food companies, both large and small, that have released special International Women's Day products and services. To make it on this list, the brands also had to put their money where their mouth is. For us, it wasn't enough for them to come out with treats that represent their commitment to female empowerment: These companies are making monetary donations to established organizations that are taking concrete steps to aid and advance women and families in America and around the world.
Where we could, we included the prices of their International Women's Day food products and how much the companies have promised to donate. Armed with that information, you can decide if you'd like to celebrate International Women's Day by making a purchase. Or, if you like the organizations being represented, you can always more a direct donation.

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