The Women Of Thoroughbreds Hatch A Plan In This Exclusive Clip

Everything I've seen about Thoroughbreds is irresistable. It stars Anya Taylor-Joy and Olivia Cooke as unlikely partners looking to commit the perfect murder. Specifically, they want to kill Lily's (Taylor-Joy) stepfather after he announces he's sending her to a school for girls with severe behavioral problems instead of college.
Amanda (Cooke) is going through a struggle of her own. She's convinced she doesn't experience emotions after she was made a social outcast for killing a horse, and the only reason she's hanging out with her once-close friend Lily is because her mom orchestrated it. However, the two girls find a bond in each other through passive-aggressive and whip-smart dialogue, and the late Anton Yelchin joins them on their quest to kill as an erratic drug dealer, the actor's final role before he passed away in 2016.
In this new clip, premiering exclusively on Refinery29, Lily and Amanda start seriously considering that they could pull off this dastardly plot.
"I think we should do it," Lily begins, and, uncharacteristically, Amanda seems hesitant. That being said, she has a pretty valid reason to think twice, since she is awaiting trial for animal cruelty and everything. However, that doesn't mean she won't consider it.
"If we were going to do this we would both need to be far away with airtight alibis," she said.
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The clip ends here, but it's clear that this is where it all begins for our two protagonists. If the trailer is any indication, what follows is a lot of sneaking, conniving, and hitting people over the head with lamps in a story that belongs right next to Heathers, Mean Girls, and the first season of Scream Queens in your digital library.
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