Trader Joe's Latest Deal Has Nothing To Do With Food

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With spring still over a month away, we're starting to get desperate to escape winter. There is a least one way to channel warm weather vibes into our cold and gloomy apartments these next several weeks, and that's by placing a bouquet of flowers on each and every surface. Of course, gorgeous flowers can get kind of expensive, and seeing as we're putting a lot of cash toward our heating bills right now, we'd rather not spend too much. Enter Trader Joe's. The grocery chain just announced that it's offering big bunches of tulips, the springiest flower around, for a steal.
In a post on it's official website, Trader Joe's announced today that it is now selling Double Dozen Tulips, that's one bunch of 24 tulips, for $10.99. That sounds like a lot of flowers for one affordable price, but just how good of a deal is it? We did some comparison shopping and found that $10.99 for 24 tulips is in fact a bargain.
At East Coast grocery chain, Wegman's, customers can purchase a bouquet of 10 tulips for $6. A bouquet of 10 will set you back $7 at a midwestern location of Kroger. But, by paying $4 or $5 more at Trader Joe's, you'd get double the number of flowers. Even buying tulips wholesale online doesn't offer a better deal. Most websites list a unit price of around $1.80. With that unit price, two dozen tulips would set you back $43.20. No, thanks. Like we said, he have apartments to keep heated.
Now that we know the price is right, let's discuss the actual flowers. According to the grocery chain's announcement, the tulips included in each of these two dozen bunches come from Virginia and California growers. The bulbs, however, are imported all the way from Europe. TJ's claims that the type of bulb it uses grows a tulip with a longer than average vase life. Attempting to bring spring into our lives a full month (or two, or three) before warmer weather arrives just got easier. Plus, we can always keep the them going with a bottle of rosé.

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