Your Horoscope This Week

Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
Do you believe you can fly? Jupiter, planet of grand plans, thinks you can and he’s blazing the trail this week. On the 10th, the sun received its Jupiter booster shot and on the 13th, Mercury, planet of learning, gets one, too. Jupiter is providing us with a glimpse at the big picture — the sense that each one of our actions adds up to a larger, better whole. This transit produces confidence and hope, enough to articulate where we’re going and why. Because we’re still in intellectual Aquarius season, this planetary movement can even inspire us to open our minds to the opinions and ideas of people from different walks of life.
Jupiter has been known to blow hot air into insecure egos. Wherever we feel less confident and hungry for others’ good opinion, we’ll be likely to exaggerate, brag, and strut our stuff. This may get us what we want in the short-term but the second our egos deflate back to regular size, we may not know how to handle it. To make the most of this enthusiastic Jupiterian mood, open your mind to all the possibilities and aim for actions that benefit the most people (yourself included).
On Thursday, the planets take a serious turn with the year’s second eclipse. This partial solar eclipse is subtler than the super emotional lunar eclipse that took place on January 31, and will likely feel nicer. The eclipsing sun and moon aligned in Aquarius is a gentle nudge to release group identities that no longer fit and own our unique ideas, political ideals and perspectives instead.
Insights go off like tiny fireworks through the weekend, as we fall into a creative slumber. On Saturday, active Mars falls under Neptune’s dreamy spell. Your subconscious has secrets to tell you, but it needs a quiet place to whisper them. Make yourself a magical playlist and spend the weekend retreating to recharge, or taking a loving or artistic risk.

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