Chris Harrison Swears That Arie’s Season Of The Bachelor Will Get Better

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Are you so ready to hit the snooze button on Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s season of The Bachelor? If so, you're not alone. Plenty of people have wondered when the drama is going to reach its signature fever pitch — or when Arie is going say something other than "I have a surprise for you." Even Krystal's antics at the bowling alley couldn't save last week's episode from the objective bore that was Chelsea's yacht date.
Keep that alarm clock ticking, because Chris Harrison promises us that much, much more is in store for Arie and his squad of suitors. "If you are a critic of Arie’s season, I would tell you to wait. Just wait," he told the Hollywood Reporter. "It will be a phenomenal finish. If there are critics out there, then trust that it’s going to be phenomenal."
If there are critics? Taking a gander at Twitter it seems like there are plenty of critics. And we're not sure Harrison knows what the word "phenomenal" means.
Of course, Harrison's entire job is to hype up the Bachelor, so we don't blame you if you choose to take that with a grain of salt. However! Those of us that have snacked from the forbidden fruit of spoiler sites know that Harrison's words do not ring hollow. Don't google it unless you want to be completely shook.
Harrison also chatted up the newest Bachelor franchise, Bachelor Winter Games. It's meant to be ABC's counter-programming to the Winter Olympics, which airs exclusively on NBC. The premise is hokey yet adorable: Bachelor cast-offs from all over the worlds play winter sports and compete for each other's hearts.
"The whole show overall, I could not have been happier the way it turned out," said Harrison. Hyping it up further, he teases an annual airing of Winter Games, saying that "I’ve seen the first couple of episodes. It may be some of the best television we’ve ever produced — which scares me because now, instead of a one-off, we might be doing this every winter now. [If you miss it,] you will probably miss out on the best television of the year."
Well then. Speed skating or international Bachelor contestants in the snow? The options are limitless.

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