We're Making These Comforting Vegetarian Recipes For Dinner Tonight

Photo: Courtesy of MashaDavydova.
As soon as we see the word "vegetarian" on a chilly, winter day our comfort food-wired minds paint a pained picture of bowls filled with cold, boring greens — AKA salad. But the truth of the menu matter is, that despite our short-sighted assumptions, cold-weather veggies can be just as comforting as a big bowl of meaty chili. With just a little inspiration, it's actually the exact opposite: meals that are warm, inventive, and above all, vibrant.
Bringing the heat to your vegetarian dining game for the next few iced over months is as easy as picking up a copy of Anya Kassoff's Simply Vibrant. The bright, plant-based cookbook is overflowing with warm and imaginative seasonal recipe magic — from savory sweet potato dumplings to hearty black bean hummus burritos. We've got those dishes plus one more ahead to get you started on warming up this week's lunch and dinner plans.

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