The Second Full Moon This Month Will Come With A Dramatic Twist

Photographed by Megan Madden.
January 2018 is continuing to be the mooniest month we've seen in some time. Not only will we be treated to a blue moon, aka an additional full moon, on the 31st, but that day will also see a lunar eclipse. This phenomenon is sometimes known as a "blood moon," for the reddish tint the moon takes on while it's in Earth's shadow. But there's nothing macabre about this eclipse's greater meaning.
Those who live in the Midwest and on the West Coast may be able to see it in its totality, while East Coasters will only get to see a partial eclipse before the moon goes down for the day. No matter what your view of the night sky may be (or if you go outside to watch at all), you're sure to feel the effects of this lunar event. Astrologically speaking, this month might go out on a dramatic note.
In general, lunar eclipses are opportunities to tend to the relationship you have with yourself. When we spoke with Athena Perrakis, PhD, founder and CEO of Sage Goddess, about last August's total solar eclipse, she explained that eclipses of a solar variety can underline truths about the world around you, while those of the lunar sort illuminate truths about yourself. "A lunar eclipse reveals what’s hidden about you, kind of your internal landscape," she said, adding that you ought to treat this type of celestial event as "a chance for internal reflection."
Maybe a revelation will strike you the night of the eclipse. This could be as major as realizing you actually hate your job, or as minor as realizing you actually hate, say, that end table in your living room. On the other hand, you might still be coming to terms with a personal truth that you unearthed months ago. Now's the time to embrace that fact about yourself wholeheartedly.
If you ask us, any lunar eclipse is a reminder-worthy event. But this upcoming lunar eclipse will occur while the moon is hanging out in Leo, the fiery sign of passion, courage, and all-around expansive behavior (which, in its most extreme forms, can manifest as stage-whispering confidential gossip or bringing a controversial plus-one to a wedding). And that placement may influence your eclipse reflections in one of two powerful ways: Whatever it is that you learn about yourself will either be grand in scope (closer to hating your job than your furniture), or it will elicit a similarly grand reaction in you.
So, yes, if you've been sitting on something big, your foundations may feel a little shaky next week. But, for most of us, this Leonine eclipse will probably have a more heart-opening effect than anything too earth-shattering. In other words, this may be an opportunity for self-acceptance or divine creative inspiration if you want it to be. Otherwise, there's still plenty to look forward to on the 31st, from the full moon itself to the fact that it'll be a supermoon. Like we said, this month has lunar events to spare — it's up to you how you celebrate them.

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