Your January Horoscope, Revealed

Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
Woohoo! We lived through 2017! And not just lived, but also: held record-setting marches, learned to call congress, stopped the passage of many terrible bills (and lost a few battles), cried and celebrated #MeToo victories, kept a pedophile from getting elected, found out that Teen Vogue is an amazing news source, and, hopefully, learned to silence social media alerts before bedtime. (I put that last one in to see if you were paying attention.)
The universe wants to reward you for all that survival with a lazy New Year’s Day, good for dreaming up resolutions. The secret to a keep-able resolution this year is to set aside fear and go with your intuition. Resolutions made with a desire to prove something to others will only hurt you down the line. Instead, follow the flash of insight to making a resolution that’s uniquely you. Get this done during the day, because a moody ol’ Cancer full moon that evening will turn everyone into a temporary grouchy-pants.
Capricorn season is for moving slow, working hard, and thinking deep. With Venus and the sun traveling arm-in-arm for most of the month, that slowness comes with a nice dose of pleasure — and the risk of lying down for three weeks straight. Given the serious Capricorn vibes, getting super lazy is a big ol’ red flag that you’re actually freaking out about how much there is to do. The work ahead is manageable, and will be easier if you get started early. Seek out a middle ground of some work, some socializing, and some thoughtful solo time. The new moon on the 16th makes it a key day for introspection. Set an intention you can pursue over the next two weeks.
On the 20th, the sun shifts into Aquarius, pulling us out of our hidey-holes and putting politics and collective organizing back in focus. How we choose to express these energies becomes especially important with the 31st’s lunar eclipse. Emotions will be high, so avoid putting your foot in it on social media. (Do keep an eye on the news, though. It should be interesting.)

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