HBO's Creepy New Show Mosaic Is 100% The Next Big Little Lies

Photo: Claudette Barius/HBO.
While we're obviously all comforted by the news that Big Little Lies will indeed be returning for a second season, it still means we have a Monterey-shaped hole in our hearts until it comes back. Enter, Mosaic. There's no Laura Dern, and you'll have to swap the beach for the slopes, but those of us craving dark storylines with mysterious women will be instantly hooked from the trailer alone, which was released Friday and gives a (tiny) bit more info about this choose-your-own-adventure show.
By choose-your-own-adventure, it means you can go watch the show right now on an app called PodOp and see Olivia Lake (Sharon Stone) live out her final days before her body was found frozen, from the perspective of whatever character you choose. Can you piece together the mystery for yourself? Once you're finished, you can compare your findings to the show's full (linear) debut on January 22, when the six-part series premieres over five nights on HBO.
The main questions to be asking yourselves are these: Should we trust our first instinct? Is the truth always black and white? And don't all these men kind of look the same?
At least the good thing about this mystery, as opposed to the one in Big Little Lies, is that we'll find out everything in the same week — or will we? The point of this story, and the way its rolled out, seems to imply that, sometimes, the truth is anyone's guess. We can only hope this comes to a satisfying conclusion before Big Little Lies returns, because there's for sure not room in my brain for two tense and darkly intertwined murders.

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