Feel Like You're Never Caught Up On TV? Here's Why

Photographed by Gunnar Larson
If you always feel slightly out of the loop when it comes to television, don't worry: you're definitely not alone. With every season of Game of Thrones one finally catches up on, there's a brand-new series that the masses are gushing about — and have already seen in its entirety. Now, we know why that is. Per Variety, FX Networks CEO John Landgraf revealed at the Television Critics Association winter press tour that there were a whopping 487 scripted shows on the air in 2017 alone.
So, yeah, even if it seems like everyone around you has infinite time to hang out with their DVR, rest assured that they're also only watching a small sliver of available scripted content.
The number of shows might be overwhelming (it doesn't even include reality programs like The Bachelor or any of the many iterations of The Real Housewives franchise) but it actually makes a lot of sense. Variety reports streaming platforms alone account for 117 of these shows, which makes sense if you've ever scanned through Netflix looking for Friends and ended up adding three original series to your queue. Even broadcast channels are boasting more shows than ever before. Of course, half of them hail from Shondaland or are a Chicago Fire spin-off. (I kid, but only kind of.)
If there's any solace to take from this report, it's that you should give yourself permission to only watch the best of the best — or, at least, the best of the best to you. Does the uncanny valley that is Westworld freak you out? This Is Us might be more your speed. Missing Pretty Little Liars? Then give Riverdale a shot. With so much TV out there, and so many different ways to watch, there's bound to be a program perfect for you.
Just don't think you have to watch it all. I mean, come on — we all have to sleep at some point.

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