How To Channel Your Activist Energy In 2018, According To Your Sign

Remember the night before the 2016 election, when everyone was like, Thank god this will be over soon? Ha ha! Our 2016 selves were such jokers. In 2017, we witnessed DACA’s rescindment, a Nazi resurgence, Paul Ryan wax nostalgic about his youthful dreams (of throwing seniors off health care), daily sexual harassment allegations, and an alleged sexual-assaulter-in-chief who doles out racist nicknames like candy. (When he’s not hastening a potential nuclear war, that is.)
Many of us want to #Resist. The larger astrological moment suggests we are moving swiftly toward a point of great and irreversible change. The stars work in conjunction with our free will. What that change looks like is up to us, whether we #Resist and whether we build toward a non-dystopian future.
This year’s astrology supports shaking off the paralysis and getting down to work. With rigorous Saturn entering its own sign, Capricorn, the U.S. will be deciding whether to keep our leaders or toss ‘em out. Government structures will come into question and each of us will have intense focus for goals that matter. This is the year to sweat like an activist. Pick your battle and get a move on!
Ahead, find your sign’s activist cause.
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