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While it would be nice to predict what the future has in store, the Magic 8-Ball we’ve been holding onto just doesn’t seem to be doing it for us anymore. Couldn’t it have warned of yesterday’s freak downpour that mysteriously appeared on the morning commute? Reply hazy, try again.

We’re left living our lives one surprise at a time. Life is all about reveling in spontaneity and the unknown, we know — but we’re still trying to find a way to cheat the system. So we’re calling on our trusty astrologists like Susan Miller and the AstroTwins.

Though they can’t tell us the name of our next heartbreak or where to go to find a free $20 bill flying in the wind, horoscopes are a fun way to take a peek at the future.

Whether you plan to take this astrological advice quite literally or with a grain of salt (accompanied by a tequila shot), these horoscopes are meant to hint at what’s in store for us based on our sun signs.

This is your chance to try to explain the happenings around you — like why you and your best friend have been fighting, or why you keep losing your phone. (Hint: Mercury’s retrograde might be to blame.) Our experts will also help you figure out the best time to make an important move, like asking for that well-deserved raise.

We’ll tell you what to look out for and which planets have got your back. With a regular dose of your astrological news, you’ll be mentally prepared for when love and prosperity are on the horizon. Fingers crossed.

So whether you look to your horoscope for a good laugh or to see the future and explain the past, we’ve got all of your astronomical questions answered right here.

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