The #WokeCharlotte Meme Is Rewriting Sex and the City's Problematic Past

If you've re-watched Sex and the City recently, you'll know the iconic HBO show remains clever, influential and very funny. But it's also, in places, pretty problematic. Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha say things that probably felt OK when the series began in the late '90s, but just don't fly in the more enlightened pop culture climate of 2017. The show's main characters are also largely oblivious to their privilege as rich cisgender white women with enviable careers living in super-desirable Manhattan apartments. In one episode, Carrie even turned her nose up at riding the bus (with her photo on the side of it).
Sex and the City fans Chelsea Fairless and Lauren Garroni, who run the excellent Every Outfit on Sex and the City Instagram account, are very aware of this. So they've created an awesome meme poking fun at the show's more problematic moments and giving them a right-on rewrite in the process. Whenever Carrie, Miranda or any other character says something that now sounds downright unacceptable, "Woke Charlotte" shows them the error of their ways.
Remember when Charlotte's mother-in-law Bunny was horrifically racist? Or when Carrie was guilty of birasure? Or when Samantha casually uttered a transphobic slur? Woke Charlotte certainly does and she's not letting anyone off the hook.
Check out some examples of the #WokeCharlotte meme below.
#WokeCharlotte has become so popular on Instagram and Twitter over the last week or so that it's even gained approval from Kristin Davis, the actress who played Charlotte York Goldenblatt in the Sex and the City series and movies. I'll definitely raise a Cosmopolitan to that (as long as it was made with sustainable ingredients, of course).
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