The Sexiest Movies On Amazon Prime Right Now

Netflix has sexy movies. Hulu has sexy movies. And thought it might not seem as obvious, let me tell you, Amazon Video has sexy movies too.
As a streaming obsessive, I can confirm Amazon Video’s platform is the hardest to traverse. That makes sense, as the digital giant was originally created as a place to get people to buy DVDs — not binge movies and TV shows. So, it may be harder than usual to actually find Amazon’s sexiest movies to stream.
That’s where we come in. We've tracked down all the most sultry films available on the platform, so you don't have to scroll through endlist lists of obscure titles, waiting to land on that one that will make your eyes twinkle in anticiption. Keep reading to see what we picked out. You’ll find everything from sensual classics to the indies you didn’t know you need to see.
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Closer (2004)

Perhaps the best word to describe this classic romantic drama is "messy." Jude Law, Natalie Portman, Clive Owen, and Julia Roberts play two couples in various stages — from formation to head-over-heels to dissolution and seeking retribution. It's pretty sexy along the way, too.
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Disobedience (2018)

You may remember this movie as the one where Rachel Weisz spits into Rachel McAdams' mouth. That scene definitely lives up to the hype, but the movie worth every second of nearly two hour run-time. Weisz plays Ronit, a photographer who returns to the Orthodox Jewish community she grew up in after the death of her father. There, she must confront her feelings for former flame Esti (McAdams), the reason she was shunned all those years ago. If you get your kicks from forbidden love, this one's for you.
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Titanic (1997)

Speaking of sexy car hookups, it’s time to talk about the seminal vehicular sex scene: Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose Dewitt Bukater’s (Kate Winslet) iconic, literally steamy, romp in an old-timey jalopy. If you ever need to rewatch that moment, know it’s waiting for you on Amazon.
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Hello I Must Be Going (2012)

Girls’ Christopher Abbott helps an 30-something-year-old divorcee get her groove back as 19-year-old Jeremy. Honestly, Marnie Michaels would be absolutely scandalized by all the sexy car hookups in Hello.
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Dirty Dancing (1987)

The floor crawling! Patrick Swayze’s chest! The moment Johnny Castle (Swayze) finally lifts Baby (Jennifer Grey) up into the air! It’s all too much in the best way possible.
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Save The Last Dance (2001)

This early-aughts flick is the reason for a lot of sexual awakenings, so it’s obviously one of the sexiest movies in the world. Thankfully you can now take a walk down turn-on lane as Save The Last dance is very much available with your Prime membership.
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Point Break (1991)

This is another movie that spawned first crushes, and for good reason: it’s filled with dreamboat Keanu Reeves either in a wetsuit or sans-shirt. If that’s not enough, the lengthy scene of a camera looking down on Reeves (Johnny Utah) and love interest Tyler (Lori Petty) lying naked in bed is the definition of sexy.
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The Choice (2016)

If you've always wanted a partner to toss a bunch of dishes on the floor to make room for you on a kitchen table amid the throws of passion, The Choice is for you.
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This Thing With Sarah (2014)

A woman serving as an emotional rebound might sound played-out at this point, but, at least there’s lots of hot hookups in this rom-com.
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Seeing Other People (2004)

If you’ve always wanted to see Bryan Cranston in the teeniest boxer briefs, Seeing Other People has got you covered (Cranston, not so much).

Despite the Breaking Bad star’s brush with semi-nudity, the bulk of these sex scenes star Ed (Jay Mohr) and Alice (Julianne Nicholson), an engaged couple who think, you know, seeing other people would be the best move before marriage.
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Good Dick (2006)

With a name like Good Dick, it’s no surprise this romantic dramedy is sexy. It’s even sexier to see the lead character, played by Jason Ritter, attempt to go down on his love interest (Marianna Palka) and then listen when she tells him to stop.

Remember, consent is sexy, folks.
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Happy (2015)

Many Americans dream of going to the City Of Lights and finding their sexiest story along the way. That's exactly what happens to young Texan woman Alessia (Isabelle Ryan)), who meets a handsome French stranger and eventually ends up in a very steamy session of group sex.
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Cold Mountain (2003)

If taut period dramas are your thing, Cold Mountain is right up your alley. Who doesn’t want to watch Jude Law, as Civil War soldier Inman, and Nicole Kidman, as beautiful preacher’s daughter Ada, fall in love and fall into bed? The answer is no one, right? There’s a reason bodice rippers have stood the test of time.
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