Joanna Gaines Shared How To Make Her Favorite Fail-Proof Christmas Candy

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If you still haven’t done any Christmas baking, don’t worry. According to Joanna Gaines, there’s still plenty of time to crank out some treats, especially if you use her fail-safe, no-bake recipes. Yesterday, the HGTV star posted a photo of all her recently assembled sweets on Instagram. Accompanying the festive scene, she wrote, "Made some simple Christmas candy today that’s easy and fun for kids. (And yummy for adults too)." Gaines also walked her followers through what she called "easy (no fail) recipes" in her Instagram story.
First, Joanna Gaines shared a step-by-step guide for how to make peanut clusters. All this simple recipe involves is adding dry roasted peanuts to melted chocolate bark. Once the two ingredients are combined, just scoop heaping spoonfuls of the mixture onto wax paper and let the clusters cool. In one of the videos, Gaines explained that this easy treat is her husband and Fixer Upper co-star Chip's absolute favorite Christmas candy.
After showing her followers how to make Chip's favorite candy, Gaines moved on to make the treat that her four kids love the most, dipped Ritz peanut butter cookies. These chocolate coated peanut butter cracker sandwiches feature that irresistible salty-sweet combination, so we understand they're a family favorite. Gaines explained in her Instagram story that she coats half the cookies in white chocolate and half in milk chocolate and lets the kids decorate them with red, green, and white sprinkles.
Gaines' final recipe is the only one that requires turning on the oven, yet it may still be the easiest of all three. These are made by melting Rollos on pretzels, which results in a gooey, crunchy, and slightly salty mess — a delicious mess, mind you. Before the melted Rollos cooled on the pretzels, she also stuck pecans on top to make the candy nice and pretty.
As excited as we are to have three new easy recipes to help us create some very last-minute Christmas treats, perhaps the most thrilling thing about Joanna Gaines' recent candy-making posts are that they give us a little peek at what we can expect from her forthcoming cookbook. This week, the designer revealed the cover for her cookbook, which is set to be released April 24, 2018. That means, we'll have something to look forward to even after the holidays are over and all our Christmas candy is long gone.
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