Terry Crews Alleges That His Family Is Being "Tracked & Possibly Bugged" During Sexual Assault Case

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Terry Crews is alleging that he and his family are the victims of a plot to "track" and "possibly bug" them, the actor and Time Magazine Silence Breaker posted on Twitter.
"My assailant Adam Venit is the founding partner at @WME, a corporation worth over $8 billion. I believe my family is being tracked and possibly bugged," he wrote as part of a series of tweets.
Crews also claims that someone possibly hacked into his son's computer. "I also believe @unclerush was asked to pressure me into dropping my case by @WME execs. Somehow they thought he was the 'King of Black people'. Someone hacked into the computer my son and I built together. I have to shut it down and replace the hard drive." @unclerush refers to Russell Simmons, who has deleted his Twitter account in the face of ongoing allegations of sexual harassment and assault.
The Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor was allegedly told by the Los Angeles Police Department that WME could retaliate against him. "LAPD task force detectives let me know these people don’t play fair. There are a lot of secrets to protect, and they will do anything to keep them. The town is compromised. But me, and my team, are not. If I were to have a timely 'accident' — you know where to look. Retaliation in some form is expected- I would be naive to think otherwise... But vulnerability and openness is actually my best protection. I'm ready."
Crews has accused the former head of the William Morris Endeavor talent agency, Adam Venit, of sexual assault. He alleges that Venit groped him during an industry function in February 2016. Following Crews's accusations, Venit was suspended from his job, but has since returned to work for WME.  Crews is suing both Venit and WME and filed a sexual assault report with the LAPD.
If this sounds too dramatic to be real, consider that journalist Ronan Farrow uncovered a plot to harass, intimidate, and obtain information from actress Rose McGowan. The New Yorker report reveals that Harvey Weinstein allegedly hired private investigators to ascertain what information McGowan had told the press. The actress accused Weinstein of rape in October in a tweet, breaking her non-disclosure agreement. Weinstein denies any wrongdoing and accusations of nonconsensual sex.
Crews steadfastly supports the #MeToo campaign and the women who have come forward with their stories. If the alleged intimidation and retaliation tactics against Crews are true, it just goes to show how difficult it is to come forward and the high price survivors and their families have to pay. It's no surprise, then, that so many women have kept silent for so long, and it took this incredible moment in Hollywood for them to gather the strength to come forward.
Refinery29 has reached out to WME and the LAPD for comment. Crews's representation has declined to comment. Crews's tweets are below.
This story was updated on Dec. 18 at 3:45pm to include a response from Crews's publicists.
If you have experienced sexual violence and are in need of crisis support, please call the RAINN Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).
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