A Woman Thought Her Classmate's Boyfriend Was Cheating — But There Was A Huge Twist

When you suspect — or even have evidence — that a friend's significant other is cheating on them, you have a few options. Do you try to mind your own business? Do you confront the partner? Or do you tell your friend and let them decide what to do?
Well, when one Twitter user saw her classmate's boyfriend with another woman, she took it upon herself to let the girl know. However, there was a huge plot twist to the story.
Rebekah Pendley (@bekahpendley), a student at the University of Texas, San Antonio, was at the school library when she thought she saw her classmate Jasmine Rios's (@JasmineRios5) boyfriend — cuddling up to another woman. So she decided to DM Rios and look out for her, even if the two didn't know each other very well.
"I recognize who I think is your boyfriend in the library from all y'alls pictures on here and he's being kind of touchy with her, and I really didn't know if I should message you/how to tell you but I have been fully cheated on before and girl to girl I'd want to know," she wrote. "I hope this doesn't cause you a lot of problems I feel really bad but I just thought it'd be wrong to witness it and not say anything, you know?"
She even offered to fight the guy — but apparently, it wasn't Rios's boyfriend she saw. It was his twin brother.
Rios posted screenshots of their conversation on Twitter, in which she explained to Pendley that her boyfriend has an identical twin who has a girlfriend — and it was actually the two of them in library.
Rios thanked Pendley profusely for telling her and trying to defend her honor even if it wasn't her boyfriend, which was a relief, because as Rebekah said, she was ready to start fighting him in the library.
Since Rios posted the screenshots of their conversation last week, they've gone viral with more than 45,000 retweets and more than 246,000 likes at the time of writing. Many other Twitter users pointed out how admirable it is that Pendley was ready to throw hands even when she didn't know Jasmine all that well. Girl code, indeed.
Pendley tells Refinery29 that before she knew that Rios's boyfriend had a twin, "I was initially disgusted and I felt sick to my stomach for her," and after talking it out with a roommate and a friend, she decided to tell her.
Rios says that she was actually with her boyfriend when she received Pendley's messages, and while they both thought it was hilarious, she also really appreciated that someone would reach out to her and try to defend her.
"After she told me that, I felt like I could trust her even though I didn’t know her, just because she had my back," Rios says.
After she found out the truth, Pendley says, "I was relieved for Jasmine most of all, but I thought it was really funny. I actually looked at her Twitter pictures prior to contacting her to make SURE it was him, and I was so convinced it was him. He and his brother look exactly alike."
The best thing to come out of all of this?
"Me and Rebekah actually have been Snapchatting everyday since then!" Rios says. "And we plan to meet up and hang after Christmas break."
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