A Woman Confronted Her Cheating S.O In Public & This Witness Lived To Tweet The Tale

Ashe Dryden, a diversity and inclusion consultant who works in the tech industry, was settling in for a meal at her hotel restaurant in Toronto, Canada, when she overheard a conversation she couldn't ignore. A woman sitting next to her, she tweeted, was confronting her significant other over seeing her while in another long term relationship. To make matters even more dramatic, said woman found this out because the man's girlfriend called her.
Dryden, who was sitting in close quarters with the couple, tweeted out the rest of their exchange — and not only is it a wild ride from start to finish, Twitter users all over are bowing down to the woman's cool, collected brilliance while letting her (former?) partner sweat it out.
One of the realest hero moments, however, came when the man turned down an offer from their waiter to order dessert.
Dryden, who tells Refinery29 that she is staying at the hotel in Toronto on a speaking conference, says that the woman seemed to be in her 30's, while the man looked to be in his 40's.
Dryden also told us that Brad was understandably nervous and speechless for most of the interaction.
"He wasn't expecting it at all and went through complete shock — especially because BOTH women knew — and then tried to make it like it wasn't a big deal or that it was an accident," she said. "He was jiggling his leg, looking anywhere but at her, crossing and uncrossing his arms."
In case you didn't think the drama could get even better, the woman brings up Stacy, presumably the other woman Brad has been seeing.
In the end, Dryden tweeted that Brad said that he "should probably go" after the woman began laughing at him, and the two got up and left together — though Dryden tells Refinery29 that it was more because the exit was in the same direction for both of them than anything else.
As for the woman, we hope she's getting ready to do body shots tonight and find someone new while she ignores Brad's emails.

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