A Stranger Bought This Mom-To-Be Prenatal Vitamins Because She Couldn't Afford Them

Photographed by Ashley Armitage.
In case you don't already know, having a baby can be very expensive. The cost of a hospital stay aside, having a baby comes with costs like: strollers, diapers, formula or a breast pump, daycare, nursing bras, and all of the other stuff your baby needs. But there are costs even before the baby comes out — like prenatal vitamins.
It's a fact a new mom-t0-be lamented on Reddit's r/Frugal forum. She explained her situation — that she's pregnant for the first time, has no family or friends to help her out, and is worried about being able to afford the things she needs to keep her baby safe — and then asked for advice about how she can get these things cheaply.
"If anything, I really need a breast pump right and prenatal vitamins if anyone knows where I can get them for a decent price please," she wrote.
Then, the most amazing thing happened to her: A stranger reached out to her and asked if they could buy all of the prenatal vitamins she needed. The woman wrote in a follow-up post that the stranger, who wished to remain anonymous, sent her a box full of prenatal vitamin gummies.
"Thank you, kind stranger, so much," she wrote. "Literally cried like a baby."
It's a heartwarming story, and an important reminder that the expense of healthcare sorely affects vulnerable populations and we should all be helping each other as much as possible.
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