This “Boring” Lunar Phase Can Actually Be Huge For You

Photographed by Rochelle Brock.
Following the lunar cycle can feel like killing time at a concert until your favorite band plays their hits: The full moon is the big number you're waiting to see. But, as we've said before, the other phases of the moon, albeit subtler in their influence, can still be a presence in your everyday life — especially if you view it through an astrological lens.
The new moon, directly across from the full moon in the lunar cycle, is known for it's quiet energy. When the skies go dark and the moon wanes to invisibility, we're encouraged to turn inward and reflect on our potential for change and what new beginnings may be on the horizon. This might not sound like an occasion to break out the party hats and champagne, but, if the new moon happens to be in your sign that month, you can find a reason to celebrate.
If having the full moon in your sign energizes you, then hosting the new moon can make you all the more willing to dig deep. Everyone's feeling a little more pensive during this lunar phase, but you'll actually welcome that mindset if the new moon is aligned with your sign.
Maybe a long-put-off task has been nagging at you or you've been struggling with an issue in your relationship — something is nudging you to take an evening for yourself to just take stock. Lay out a new to-do list or write a letter to clear the air. Whatever you do, don't start any projects you can't complete in six months' time (after the new moon visits your sign, the full moon will make an appearance six months later).
The Astrotwins often describe this moment as the start of your sign's "new year," given the new moon's reputation as a cosmic clean slate. The cycle is about to begin again, bringing inevitable change with it. In the days following the new moon, we'll see it wax once more and approach fullness — so, too, will our lives pick up momentum and drive us to check off line after line on those to-do lists.
Again, the affects of the new moon are subtle, but reading your horoscope and discovering that it'll be hanging out in your sign should be a signal for you to pay close attention to it. A new astrological chapter is about to start for you — how will you prepare?
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