Taco Bell Beer Is Available For The First Time Tomorrow

You know how almost everything at Taco Bell kind of tastes the same? Don't get us wrong, it’s a nostalgic flavor that we seriously look forward to (especially for 4th meal), but it does seem to show up in nearly every bite off that menu. So, when we heard that Taco Bell was releasing its very own beer, our imaginations went wild with the idea that we may soon experience the fast food chain's signature flavor in the form of an alcoholic beverage. However, according to a recent press release, the chain's new beer might not actually taste like anything already on the menu because Taco Bell teamed up with brewing experts to create it.
Earlier this year, Taco Bell announced that it would soon start opening a totally new version of its restaurant called the Cantina. Taco Bell Cantinas don't have drive-through windows, and it provides a more upscale dining experience which the company believes will appeal to young people. The Cantinas also serve alcohol (which definitely appeals to young people). Since that announcement, a few Cantina locations have opened, and now, Southern California's first Taco Bell Cantina is set open its doors this Friday, December 15.
In honor of The Newport Beach Cantina, Taco Bell joined forces with a local brewing company called Four Son's Brewing, and created the first-ever beer exclusive to the chain. It's called the Beach Bell, and no it doesn't contain notes of cumin or hot Taco Bell sauce. A press release explains that the Beach Bell is a Mexican-style Amber Lager, and it was created specifically to enhance and compliment the flavors Taco Bell is known for. The beer is described as "light, crisp, and refreshing," and it has "a smooth and robust taste with a clean finish." We would have never imagined a world in which there was a beer specifically designed to be perfect for washing down a few Crunch Wraps, but here we are.
Taco Bell's collaboration with the local brewing company is evidence of how the chain attempting to appealing to millennials who are more focused on consuming locally.

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