Something Happens To Olivia Benson's Son On Law & Order: SVU & I'm Unwell

Photo: Michael Parmelee/NBC.
Law & Order: SVU fans, we've got some bad news bears — you're going to be very upset, and we share your trepidation. The season 19 finale is coming up, and yes, we have learned that something is going to happen to Noah, Benson's adopted son. Say it isn't so.
Entertainment Weekly's Spoiler Room column has the scoop on what we can look forward to as this season of SVU comes to a close. A fan wrote to journalist Natalie Abrams on Twitter, asking about any SVU reveals. And Abrams delivered the news we never wanted to hear.
"If you’ve been wondering when the other shoe will drop with Brooke Shields’ Sheila Porter, you won’t have to wait much longer," writes Abrams. Sheila Porter is Noah's biological grandmother. We've seen Benson approach Porter with skepticism — after all, getting custody of Noah was no easy feat for the seasoned sex crimes lieutenant.
Could Benson's initial reluctance to embrace Porter turn out to be justified? We admit, we always worried whether Porter has Noah's best intentions in mind in giving up the custody fight, or if she was just playing the long game. It's been an uneasy situation from the get-go.
Abrams continues, "SVU will head into the hiatus with a 'huge cliffhanger with Sheila,' per EP Michael Chernuchin. “Something dreadful happens to Noah. Put it this way: The run ends with Olivia and Sheila in a cabin alone."
Dick Wolf, when you're not busy executive producing SVU, can we have a word about Noah?Excuse us, but this is not okay. Look, there is only one person on SVU that needs more protection than Benson, and that is Noah. Nothing is allowed to happen to Noah. Nope. We decree it. Every character has been through their own complex, deeply personal hell, and we had hoped that Noah could grow up without serious drama. Clearly we're not getting our wish. Can you advise?

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