The Best Wedding-Planning Advice From Reddit

Photographed by Megan Madden.
Sometimes, the best advice doesn't come from an expert — it comes from a fellow redditor who's been through it all and is eager to share their war stories. This Reddit thread is pretty much gold when it comes to wedding-planning advice. Ahead, some of the most useful tips.
@WaitForIttttt: "No one knows the options you had to choose from, so don't stress too much after making a decision. Your guests aren't looking at your tablecloths thinking 'they should have chosen the other shade of purple.'"
@fatchancefatpants: "Plan for 100% of your guest list for both your budget and space, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. There is no set decline rate and we see lots of posts here because more people RSVPd than there is money or space for, so just avoid that altogether."
@twodiffthumbs: "Number the back of your RSVP cards! Invisible-ink pens are super-cheap on Amazon and you won't have to figure out who it is by process of elimination because someone forgot to write their name. This happened on FOUR RSVPs we got!!"
@WaitForIttttt: "Make a wedding email address. You won't believe the amount of spam that results from registering on a wedding website, going to a bridal store, or attending a bridal show."
@dja537: "Make sure you have someone recording the ceremony and speeches, even if it's Uncle Bob on his iPhone, but if you can afford a videographer, DO IT."
@deedee0323: "Hire a planner/coordinator/responsible person to take care of things on your wedding day. You will be too stressed/anxious/excited to be bothered by minor details or difficulties during the day. Also, think back to the weddings you've been to. What do you remember most about those weddings? Was it the food? Band? Flowers? Those are the things I would spend money or time planning... I wouldn't worry about the details that you didn't remember from other weddings."
@sumthingabout: "Hands down, the concept of the fuck-it bucket." [i.e. list of things you don't care about.]

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