Saturday Night Live Is Now Serving Wines Perfect For Your Drunk Uncle

Limited-edition comedy wines are having a moment, which makes sense, since everything is next-level terrible right now and all any of us can do is drink, laugh, and drink some more. (And then some more, and then even more than that.) First, Tim and Eric star Eric Wareheim released his very own rosé; now, Saturday Night Live is coming out with a series of vinos, Eater reports.
Classic SNL characters serve as inspiration for three of the late night show’s new wines, which are available online at Lot 18. The 2016 Stefon Beaujolais, 2016 Debbie Downer South Eastern Australia Chardonnay, and 2015 The Californians Monterey County Merlot are all for sale for less than $25 per bottle. Inexplicably, there’s no “Porn Stars”-inspired Champagne on the website, but this is a pretty good start.
In addition to its character-inspired wines, SNL is also hawking a $20 “California Red Blend” that seems ideal for power-chugging anxiously as you read Donald Trump’s regular Saturday-night Twitter screed against Alec Baldwin. Although in these trying times, a single bottle of wine might not do the trick. Honestly, who among us doesn’t want to get their “A Girl’s Halloween” on and drunkenly burst through a plate-glass window?
It’s hard not to see this foray into wine as SNL’s own version of a two-drink minimum in response to the evergreen accusation that the show just isn’t funny anymore. Maybe Lorne Michaels is hoping the laughs will flow more freely once viewers have knocked back a glass — or four — of Debbie Downer Chardonnay?

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