The Internet Can't Handle Jimmy Kimmel & Roy Moore's Twitter Feud

Courtesy of ABC
We are living in strange, strange times when the President of the United States spends a holiday weekend in a Twitter feud with Time magazine and Republican representatives openly state they'd duel women Senators over a healthcare bill if only they were men.
Then there's the matter of Roy Moore, who stands a good chance of winning an Alabama senate seat despite rampant allegations that he molested teenage girls during his time as chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court.
Many Americans have begun looking to late night talk show hosts as moral compasses because, really, where else can we turn?
This hasn't gone unnoticed by Moore, who was seriously irked when Jimmy Kimmel sent some of his staff members to the candidate's church to engage in some heckling for a segment that aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Much like our Tweeter-in-Chief, Moore easily took the bait and began a Twitter feud with Kimmel. (Spoiler alert: It didn't go well for Moore. At all.)
Kimmel is totally game, but there are two conditions: He's leaving his daughters at home (smart move) and he'd really appreciate it if Moore dons that leather vest of his.
Fox News host Todd Starnes couldn't resist inserting himself in the action and posted what I'm sure he thought was a clever tweet in which he referred to Kimmel as "Little Jimmy." (Guys, please find some new material — this jab wasn't even funny when Trump first used it on Marco Rubio over a year ago.)
Needless to say, Americans (and presumably people in other countries who are wondering what the hell is wrong with the U.S.) simply can't handle this "man to man" confrontation Moore speaks of.
What a time to be alive.

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