Drake's Dad Proves He's Smoother Than His Son In This New Whiskey Ad

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Drake isn't just a hip-hop artist. He's also been involved in several food and beverage ventures. He's responsible for naming his friend chef Susur Lee’s Toronto restaurant — Drake chose "Fring's" for a very interesting reason — and he is reportedly working toward opening his own restaurant in the same area — he's looking for a sushi chef, if you happen to know anyone. However, the gastronomic endeavor most near and dear to Drake's heart might be his bourbon-based whiskey, Virginia Black. Recently, he proved how beloved this brand is by including a family member in its new commercial. That's right Drake and his dad starred together in the recently released Virginia Black ad, and it's so cute.
In the commercial, which we saw thanks to Food & Wine, Drake is shown sipping a glass of the whiskey in an cozy bar. Looking fine as ever in a black turtle neck and gold chain, he spots a gorgeous woman dancing from across the room. They begin to walk toward each other, and based on the look on his face, Drake clearly thinks he may have finally found the one he can give all those Birkin Bags to. Not so, however. The woman passes right by him, and we hear a voice say, "Hey, son. Hold my drink." Then, Drake's real-life father, musician Dennis Graham, hands over his glass of Virginia Black and walks away with the woman Drake was eyeing. But, not before burning him with the sarcastic comment, "Nice turtleneck."
Joining forces with his dad to promote his whiskey brand was clearly a great business decision. Drake lovers are sure to give the beverage a try if Papa Dennis approves. We can only hope he'll also be a part of promoting Drake's new restaurant. Who knows, maybe he'll even try his hand at rolling sushi for his son.
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