Twitter Is Trying To Start Drama Between Demi Lovato & BTS

Photo: Ian West/PA Images/Getty Images.
The American Music Awards have barely started, and already there's drama. Or, at least Twitter thinks there is. The social media platform is overrun with fans of BTS, the K-Pop band who is about to make its first ever appearance on the award show, and a slew of extremely fake Demi Lovato quotes are circulating that purport to shade the artists for not being from America, and therefore not deserving of being at the show.
"I think that this is the AMERICAN music awards, and we should only celebrate AMERICAN artists tonight," one tweet reads. "Is there even going to be a translator?"
The tweet claims this quote came from Demi Lovato when asked about BTS on the red carpet — but here's the thing: she hadn't even arrived yet.
This is just one of many similar quotes that people are claiming the "Daddy Issues" singer has said during the pre-show.
"I think that this is the American Music Awards, but we should celebrate all the incredible artists tonight," another reads.
Some accounts are also claiming that she actually said the quote during a recent interview ahead of the award show.
"At the end of the day, We celebrate American artists and I feel like #BTS doesn’t deserve the spotlight tonight. You know just a thought but."
No matter when or where Twitter claims she said it, it isn't true. There's no reason to believe there isn't anything but love between the artists, and a quick Google search reveals that Lovato hasn't actually said one word about America's new favorite boy band.
Now that we've cleared that up, let's enjoy the show!

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