Tim McGraw Jokingly Threatened His Daughter's Boyfriend With A Bloody Knife

Photo: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC.
While most parents feel like it's their job to protect their kids, not all of them can do that job while also messing with the kids a bit. Last night, country singers and husband and wife of 21 years Tim McGraw and Faith Hill appeared together on The Tonight Show to talk about their new album. While there, McGraw shared a cute story about the first time he met his daughter’s boyfriend, and it showed that he doesn't take his job as the protective dad too seriously.
After sweetly explaining how they fell in love, McGraw and Hill were asked about their "three beautiful daughters" and that funny story McGraw once relayed to Fallon about when their oldest daughter, Gracie, first started dating. The story started with McGraw getting a phone call from Hill while he was on tour. She asked her husband if he thought it would be alright for their daughter to go on a date with a boy even though McGraw had not yet met him. McGraw gave his permission, but the country singer insisted that his daughter's date come over to meet him the following day when he was home.
McGraw explained that the next day, he was home and preparing for a barbecue. Coincidently, the father of three was so engrossed in prepping the meat for the meal that he forgot he had insisted his daughter's poor young suitor come over to shake his hand. McGraw described the scene, saying, "I have a white apron on and a knife and I'm trimming the meat up, so I've got like, chunks of meat all over this white apron. Blood everywhere. And the doorbell rings, and I go and answer the door and there's this kid who was dating Gracie." So, McGraw greets this poor kid with a knife in his hand, with blood all over himself, and he says, "It worked out really well." See, even when you want the best for your kids, you can still mess with them and their friends a bit.

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