You'll Either Love Or Hate This Extra-Long French Fry Trend

Photographed by Nicole Maroon.
In America, we are blessed with many different types of French fries to enjoy with our burgers or even on their own. While we are grateful for that, we still couldn't help feeling a little jealous when we recently found out that in Japan, there is have another type of French fry we have yet to try. They're extra-long French fries, and we just discovered their existence thanks to a recently posted video from Insider Food.
Insider Food's video highlights an Australia-based restaurant called Harajuku Gyoza, which serves French fries that are over a foot long. In the video the restaurant's operation manager, Masa Endo, explains that long fries are extremely popular in Japan and that Harajuku Gyoza wanted to share that trend with Australians. To make these extra long fries, mashed potatoes are formed into balls and placed into a device that presses the mashed potatoes into long strips. The strips are fried like regular fries and voila! You've got long-ass French fries.
While we automatically assumed that this longer than normal snack would appeal to anyone who loves regular French fries, the internet's reaction has been kind of mixed. On one side, there are people who think the longer the better because that just means there's more fried potato to love. However, on the other side, there are people who actually think the long potato strips are pointless and strange.
Though the foot-long fry trend has yet to blow up in the U.S, we're guessing it's only a matter of time. That means, you should start assessing exactly how you feel about the creation. Back in June, a Twitter users stirred up drama by ranking different types of fries, including shoestring, crinkle cut, steak, smiley face, and more, from best to worst. That caused many of us fry lovers to form our own personal rankings, and soon, there may be one more fry that we'll have to add. Where do you supposed extra long French fries will fall among the many different classifications of fries for you?
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