Bobby Flay Has The Best Reason For Refusing To Serve Cranberry Martinis At Thanksgiving

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It can be difficult to decide what to serve at your Thanksgiving dinner or even what to bring to a potluck Friendsgiving. However, if anyone would have the answer for what to include on the menu or, just as importantly, what to leave off, it's a celebrity chef, right? Bobby Flay, known for his appearances on Iron Chef America and his own Food Network shows, recently told Food & Wine the one thing he no longer serves when he hosts Thanksgiving.
Flay apparently used to love serving cranberry martinis with his Thanksgiving meal, but at some point, he realize it was actually not such a good idea. He explained to Food & Wine, "I used to make cranberry martinis, but I don’t anymore because people get fucked up on those. It’s basically just red vodka. It’s a bad idea. By 6:30 p.m. people are like, walking into walls."
Depending on the crowd you're celebrating Thanksgiving with, that could be fun. However, if you've worked all day on the various dishes, including that labor-intensive turkey, you probably want people to be sober enough to enjoy it. Also, some might not want to be quite that lit in front of extended family — not every granny would approve.
If, however, you'd like things to get a little wild this Thanksgiving, or if you're planning to serve an after-dinner drink, Flay's Cranberry Sparkling Martini recipe is available on the Food Network's website. The Iron Chef actually made this cocktail on the network's 2013 Thanksgiving Live special for his fellow famous TV chefs Giada De Laurentiis, Ina Garten, and Alton Brown. On the show, as he concocted the Cranberry Sparkling Martini, Garten took a whiff of the ultra-strong mixture, and asked, laughing, "we're supposed to cook after this?" Then, De Laurentiis explained, "Well, this is how you have fun, Ina." So, this year, you can either be an Ina or a Giada when it comes to what you serve at Thanksgiving. Choose wisely.
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