Women Destroy Their Labels In This Empowering Photoshoot

Photographed by Caroline Tompkins
When faced with all of the negative labels society places on women, two photographers decided to destroy the harmful words in a powerful and artistic way.
They photographed seven women, each with labels and insults they have been called written all over their bodies, then covered those words with glitter and paint and took more photos. And really, what better way is there to eliminate a nasty insult than literally covering it in glitter?
Abigail Spencer and Meg Bishop, co-owners of Salt and Light Photography in Grants Pass, Oregon and the photographers behind the project, organized the "Don't Label Me" photoshoot as a response to unrealistic and hurtful standards placed on women. Each women photographed tells her own story in separate posts on the duo's Facebook page.
"Today, we want to say screw you to the contouring and spandex. To filters and tummy trimmers. To weight loss pills and pushup bras. To every horrible, uncomfortable, unrealistic standard of which we feel we have to live by. We are mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts and friends. We are women. We are strong. Unified. Bonded. We are unapologetically confident from here on out," Spencer and Bishop wrote in a Facebook post about the project. "Here’s to us being us, so 'DON’T LABEL ME.'"
The women in these photos are seriously inspiring, and represent many different body types and life experiences. Read on to see more of their photos and read some of their stories.
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