Missguided Has Stopped Airbrushing Its Models' Stretch Marks

It's amazing to see how far the fight for body diversity and representation in the fashion industry has come in just the past five years. What was once a sea of thin, white, cis, women, has given way to a new generation of models that include women of all races. genders, and body types. And sure, we've not yet reached the utopia of inclusivity that is the endgame of all protest, but the truth is that a giant amount of progress has been made.
And while diversity has certainly increased, there was still one area where many people felt the industry was still lagging — the airbrushing of images that often turned real women into cyborg versions of themselves. Following in the footsteps of ASOS, who announced back in June that they would no longer airbrush their swimwear models, Missguided has also decided to show their models' real bodies, stretch marks and all.
Originally noticed by Twitter user Marnie Polk, her tweet congratulating the company has now been liked nearly 19,000 times. Because as much as the internet loves to pile on when a brand is being #problematic, it also loves to celebrate the ones that are doing the right thing, especially with Drake gifs.
Like we mentioned, there's still a lot of work to be done, and some on the internet felt that it wasn't breaking enough ground since the models on their website are not particularly diverse when it comes to body type.
While the majority of Missguided's models are on the slimmer side, it is worth taking a look at their newest campaign, Keep On Being You, which features a number of incredible people, from model and social activist Munroe Bergdorf to plus-size advocate and LGBT activist Enam Asiama.
Fingers crossed this is only the beginning. Which retailer is next?
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