This High Street Store Stopped Airbrushing Its Swimwear Models' Stretch Marks

More good news in body positivity as we learn that Missguided, one of the UK's biggest clothing retailers, has started refusing to airbrush out the stretch marks on its models. It says it's keen to show women as "real and authentic".
Understandably, after years of being sold clothes by models who look as if they've got smoother than smooth skin, women all over are pretty happy with the decision.
Originally noticed by Twitter user Marnie Polk, her tweet congratulating the company has now been liked nearly 19,000 times.
The move comes after ASOS stopped airbrushing its swimwear models back in June.
However, although it is a step in the right direction in representing real women, it is worth remembering that things can always be pushed further. Especially when it comes to sizing.
While the majority of Missguided's models are on the slimmer side, it is worth taking a look at its newest campaign, Keep On Being You, which features a number of incredible people, from model and social activist Munroe Bergdorf to plus-size advocate and LGBT activist Enam Asiama.
Fingers crossed this is only the beginning. Which retailer is next?
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