ASOS Has Stopped Airbrushing Its Swimwear Models & The Photos Are Beautiful

Three cheers for ASOS! The company has begun showcasing some of its models' stretch marks on its website instead of airbrushing them out, as is the norm in the industry, and the images are truly a breath of fresh air.
Several pictures on the site show women modelling swimwear with stretch marks clearly visible on their bums, in a move that many on social media have praised as "beautiful" and "powerful".
The change first came to light following a tweet by user Amy Rowlands, who shared an image of a model with visible stretch marks wearing a Pull&Bear bikini. "So impressed with @Asos for not airbrushing the model's stretchmarks. She looks amazing!" she wrote.
The tweet has racked up nearly 46,000 retweets and more than 150,000 likes at the time of writing – and many others, particularly women, have hailed the move as game-changing. Twitter user Leah Tudor said the images were "giving [her] so much life".
Some – ok, let's be real – many people quoted that Kendrick Lamar lyric...
While others just seemed generally delighted and surprised that such a huge company would be brave enough to go against the industry standard.
However, the praise wasn't universal – some suggested the company should never have been in the business of airbrushing stretch marks in the first place, and others pointed out that the models are still extremely slim.
But ASOS' defenders said the un-airbrushed images help to make the case that nobody's perfect – slim or not.
Which fashion retailer will be next, we wonder? And who will be the first to take the even more refreshing – and impressive – step of showing full-on cellulite?

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