The Walking Dead Just Created Its Own Line Of Wine, Perfect For Toasting Lost Characters

If you've been serving up run-of-the-mill red wine at your regular The Walking Dead viewing parties, get ready to fill your bunker with the good stuff.
According to Entertainment Weekly, AMC has partnered with Lot18 for an entire Walking Dead wine collection. Of course, the trio of options is all red, because no self-respecting zombie fan would even consider drinking anything that isn't reminiscent of blood.
EW adds that the release includes three wines named for key characters on the show: Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, and Negan. Available now, the Californian varietals (courtesy of TR Wines) are a limited-edition release priced at $22 for each bottle or $208 for a case with four bottles of each variety, so superfans will probably want to stock up. Keep a few bottles as collector's items — the labels alone are enough to satisfy even the most die-hard fans — and the rest can be enjoyed with each new episode on Sunday night.
All three reds are 2016 vintages. Rick Grimes is a California Petite Sirah and its flavors are meant to channel the universally beloved character. EW describes it as "bold, dark and balanced, exhibiting a notable tension between the bright acidity and firm, tannic structure. You'll realize with just one sip that his is a wine that'll never let you down." Of course, this booze comes with somewhat-cheesy show tie-ins, because that's the best part of drinkable merchandise.
Daryl Dixon's bottle comes emblazoned with a set of angel wings. Inside, the good stuff is smoky, deep California Cabernet Sauvignon. Dixon is marked by notes of ripe fruit, coffee beans, and herbs. Sounds about right.
As for Negan, his eponymous wine stands above the rest with a unique aging preparation: Part of the red blend is kept in bourbon barrels for three months before bottling, so the wine gets a distinct flavor. "Composed of 73% Merlots, 18% Zinfandel, and 9% Petite Sirah, this is a wine that packs a punch harder than Lucille's," the description reads, "compelling you through the apocalypse and beyond."
So feel free to wrap any spare bottles with barbed wire. You know...just in case.

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