Fans Are Freaking Out About This Death On The Walking Dead

Coping with death when you're surrounded by the undead seems like a difficult thing to do; but for some reason, it almost feels harder to deal with as a fan. The Walking Dead has given its viewers plenty of practice with this, but no matter who they kill off, the grief doesn't get much easier, as we're once again learning after this week's episode, "Monsters."
If you hadn't guessed by now, this post will contain major spoilers. Read ahead at your own risk.
Eric Raleigh, a sweet-natured man who devoted his time to keep others safe, has perished after being shot in the stomach. His goodbye was an emotional one for a few reasons: Fans loved him, his boyfriend just admitted he loved him, and it's very likely he has now turned into a walker.
If you're struggling to make sense of all of this, you're not alone. Thousands of people tweeted their frustration and grief on Sunday, saying things like "Aaron crying over Eric absolutely killed me," and "Can there be an episode that doesn't make me cry?"
As people mourned the loss of love between Aaron and Eric, they celebrated the fact that Rick saved Gracie, who is now safely in Aaron's care.
Others were pretty bewildered by the fact that no one took precautionary steps to ensure that Eric wouldn't be turned into a walker.
Sure, not everyone believes he's actually part of the undead, but the chances here are pretty high. You can't just let a man bleed to death while flesh-eating creatures roam the earth in search of fresh meat!
Despite the overwhelming sadness of it all, a few people were able to quickly dry off their tears so they could get to what they believe matters: shipping Aaron and Jesus.

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