Here's What It'd Be Like If Stranger Things & Oompa Loompas Existed In The Same Universe

Opinion: Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (the original film based off the book, not that Tim Burton abomination) is an utterly terrifying film. Sure, it teaches some valuable lessons — being greedy is unsavory, being humble is rewarding, and that the innocence and brilliance of childhood imagination can change the world for the better — but it's also kind of dark. After all, misbehaved children were sucked into chocolate-filled tubes, turned into enormous blueberries, and were discarded for being "bad eggs."
Flash-forward 46 years and we're now experiencing yet another scary coming-of-age story in Stranger Things. Hawkins is a town where the biggest mistake a kid can make is being too curious and inquisitive. Look where you're not supposed to, and BOOM, your entire body is taken over by a smoke monster who wants to destroy everything and everyone you love.
But what happens when you combine the two is oddly endearing. Over the weekend, Pitchfork reports that celebs such as John Stamos, Weird Al, Richard Kind, and Stranger Things' Finn Wolfhard came together to celebrate all things Willy Wonka with a special live-to-film performance at the Hollywood Bowl.
Wolfhard, who once drank out of a bidet, seemed completely endearing in character as Charlie Bucket. He danced! He sang! He stole the hearts of all those in the audience. He even gave his beloved Netflix series a quick wink.
Of course, Wolfhard wasn't the only one to steal the show. Stamos brought Uncle Jesse's love for music back to the stage with his adorable portrayal of Willy Wonka, and Weird Al was well, super weird as the leader of the Oompa Loompas.

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Sorry for the nightmares.
Overall, the musical event seemed like a lot of fun; and, I would absolutely not be opposed to Stranger Things giving dear Charlie Bucket a nod in the upcoming season. Who knows, a Never-Ending Gobstopper could be just the candy Dustin needs to feed and occupy future Demodogs!

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