Target Is Selling $10 Bottles Of Prosecco That Look Expensive

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When Target annouced it was releasing $5 wines we were excited — and promptly put them to the test against other budget buys. But when we found out that they were also adding their own bubbly, we didn’t need an excuse to pop the corks to celebrate (and taste them).
The line of bubblies is called Bravino, and currently includes an Italian Prosecco and an Italian sparkling rosé. Both are priced at $10, making them twice as expensive as the California Roots line of wines. They are, however, imported and bubbly, and still a great deal on the kinds of wine we are so frequently sipping on this time of year.
But is it worth dropping a Hamilton on the bottles? We did the hard work of trying them to let you know.
For starters, the bottles themselves are pretty and look way more expensive than they are. You won’t mind having them on your bar cart — or gifting them to friends. Taste-wise, the Prosecco was the biggest hit. While there are plenty of Proseccos in the $10 range, this one delivered on what we want from a glass: clean and dry, with plenty of bubbles. It certainly didn't taste like a budget bottle.
Photo: Courtesy of Target
The sparkling rosé was second, but a close second. Not as bubbly and dry, it nevertheless is a great deal on a festive, fun drink that doesn't taste like you grabbed it from the bargain bin. Plus, both would make great mixers for champagne cocktails and mimosas.
In addition to the new line of sparkling and still wines, Target is also reintroducing its Wine Cubes. Basically a mini boxed wine (each box holds 3 liters, or the equivalent of 4 bottles), they retail for around $20, or around $5 a bottle.
So whether you need wine for a crowd, for toasts, or for a solo fancy dinner alone (Wine Cubes come in single servings, too!), Target has you covered. And that is reason enough alone to pop a bottle this weekend, we think.
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