These 3-Pound Cinnamon Rolls Are Affordable & Available Through The Holidays

When it comes to cozy holiday food, cinnamon rolls are a perennial favorite. The warming smell of cinnamon automatically makes your home cozier, and the sweet treat is basically like getting to eat dessert for breakfast. Can the winter classic possibly be improved? We thought not, but then we were introduced to Sam’s Club’s latest holiday offering: a 44-ounce cinnamon roll. That's over three pounds of sugary, warming goodness.
In the immortal words of Xhibit on Pimp My Ride, “We heard you like cinnamon rolls, so we put cinnamon rolls on top of your cinnamon rolls and made one giant cinnamon roll out of it.”
The oversized pastry consists of two layers of cinnamon rolls completely enrobed in icing. Theoretically, you can eat it with a knife and fork as-is, but photos of the cake from Sam’s Club show the roll sliced like a cake. Does that mean it would also be good with ice cream scooped on top? There's really only one way to find out, we suppose.
You can pick up the 44-ounce giant at Sam’s Clubs now through December 31 according to a press release from the retailer. It sells for a cool $4.98, or around just 11¢ an ounce. Of course, as Sam's Club is, indeed, a club, you'll have to be a member to enjoy. If you aren't ready to pony up for a membership, you can check out our own favorite holiday brunch recipes for inspiration instead.
This isn't the only giant holiday treat the retailer is currently selling. You can also pick up a 72-ounce pumpkin cheesecake (pre-sliced, thankfully, because that would be very difficult to wrangle). That's 4.5 lbs of pumpkin spice that can feed up to 14 people (or fewer people who want multiple slices). Perfect if you're expecting a crowd for the holidays, or just needing to serve food big enough for the giant CostCo bear.

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