This Baby’s Enormous Costco Teddy Bear From Her Grandpa Is Hilarious

One grandpa is proving that there is nothing so big he wouldn't buy it for his granddaughter — quite literally. It started when new mom Sabrina Gonzalez saw a photo of her dad on Facebook, posing in front of a pile of giant teddy bears at the Costco where he works, as BuzzFeed reports. Now, these teddy bears aren't just big; they're hilariously huge. Especially for a 5-month-old like Gonzalez's. It's why she joked that her baby Maddie needed one. But her dad didn't seem to get that she was kidding.“Next thing I know, I receive a text from him saying he bought her one,” Gonzalez told BuzzFeed News.
Somehow, he then got the 93-inch bear into his truck and over to his granddaughter's house. And fortunately for all of us, Gonzalez took a picture of Maddie and her new friend.
It's definitely hard to look at this photo and not smile at the size discrepancy. The bear is basically a jungle gym or a makeshift crib. She does perfectly fit in the crook of his leg, which is so many kinds of adorable. But what's even cuter is Maddie's response every time she sees the bear. In a video Gonzalez tweeted of Maddie, the little girl can't stop smiling and giggling at the sight of the giant stuffed animal who's taken over her entire living room. Yep, we definitely found grandfather of the year, if not the decade, which is how long it may take for Maddie to grow into this bear.

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