Jimmy Kimmel & Channing Tatum Played A Halloween Prank On Their Daughters

Halloween may be over, but the tricks haven't stopped just yet. Every year Jimmy Kimmel asks parents to send in videos telling their kids that they ate all their Halloween candy. But, this year was a little different. Jimmy Kimmel and Channing Tatum both participated in the prank, fooling their daughters into thinking that they ate all of the girls' candy loot — and they filmed it, of course. Now we can't stop watching the incredibly cute, kind of sad footage of both pranks unfolding.
Kimmel's video starts at the breakfast table with his daughter, Jane. He solemnly tells her that, "Last night while you were sleeping, mommy and I ate all your Halloween candy," while presenting the near-empty bag containing only a pack of Smarties — arguably the worst Halloween candy, ever. Jane, although mildly perplexed, surprisingly takes the news (and the Smarties) in stride, letting her father know that she isn't mad, just a little sad.
It isn't until Jane realizes that her Swedish Fish are missing that the candy-less reality starts to sink in — and Kimmel is quick to place the blame with, "Mommy ate them. Daddy only ate Skittles, and M&Ms, and Kit Kats, and Reese's Peanut Butter cups, and gum, and the eyeballs, and the Twizzlers, and the lollipops. That's all I ate." His delivery is dead-pan.
But before Jane can get too worked up, she comes to the sudden realization that, "The eyeball is bubbles!"
And Kimmel keeps it all smiles ending on, "I ate the bubbles. Every time I hiccup a bubble comes out," eliciting a truly adorable giggle.
And while Kimmel's trick ended in laughter, Tatum's took a darker turn. The actor's candy prank brought his daughter, Everly, to quiet tears — causing Tatum to quickly back peddle on the joke altogether. Revealing, "I'm kidding, I didn't eat your candy!"
To which Everly firmly reprimanded, "That's not funny."
Blushing, Tatum shamefully responded to his daughter, "You're right, it wasn't funny."
We can't decide which video we love watching more between Kimmel's dead-pan delivery matched with Jane's patience and Tatum's more timid approach matched with Everly's sincerity. So we'll just be here watching both on repeat — while also reliving last year's compilation.

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