Jimmy Kimmel’s Latest Halloween Stunt Features F-Bombs, Tears & His Own Daughter

Call it cute, call it comedy, call it a seriously effective form of birth control: Jimmy Kimmel's "I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy" stunt is back. Per usual, the annual segment features video footage from parents who have duped their kids into thinking they're being raised by gluttonous monsters who would rob them of their fun-size Snickers and lollipops. Most kids shriek, fall to the ground, and cry like banshees. Some get violent. One dropped an F-bomb. Another refused to look at his thieving mother. And a few others sweetly shrugged it all off, blinked back their "watering" eyes, and professed their love and forgiveness. Can we adopt those precious little cherubs? There was no fooling one kid, though. When his mother tried the "I ate your candy" ruse, he immediately twigged that it was a Jimmy Kimmel joke because he'd seen it on YouTube. Sorry, folks, but you've got to wake up pretty early in the morning to pull a fast one on the iPad generation.
That includes little Jane Kimmel. The late-night host stood in solidarity with fans by pranking his own 2-year-old daughter, who merely repeated "no" and asked for pancakes. She's on to you, Pops.

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