Will Jennifer Lopez & Milo Ventimiglia Bring Back Rom-Coms?

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A good romantic comedy is like apple pie: it's warm, gives you fuzzy nostalgic feelings, and it's usually covered in sweetness. We love romantic comedies because when they're done right, they say something so profound about humanity: look at When Harry Met Sally, and think about friendships between men and women, and how beautifully that question was explored. And a big part of what made that movie work was the casting.
Which is why you should be – if a rom-com enthusiast – so excited for today announcement about Jennifer Lopez' next movie, Second Act. The Hollywood Reporter reports that Milo Ventimiglia will play her boyfriend in the movie, which we previously learned will also star Lopez' best friend, Leah Remini.
Ventimiglia has starred opposite outstanding actresses like Alexis Bledel and Mandy Moore, and seemingly has an uncanny knack for being able to make chemistry happen out of thin air. Part of the enjoyment of watching This Is Us and feeling like Jack and Rebecca Pearson are the most natural, loving couple. It's a testament to Ventimiglia's quiet ease. He has the ability to erase any awkwardness and make things feel so homey on-screen. In movies, Lopez can dominate a scene, while Ventimiglia tends to complement his costar; we're excited to see how he works that sense of familiarity with Lopez.
Lopez will be playing a woman who works at a big-box store, like a Walmart or Best Buy, and Remini will be playing a coworker. Lopez' character comes to New York City, where she attempts to show off her street smarts next to brainiacs. We're hoping that Second Chance becomes our newest beloved rom-com that we watch on our self-care nights.

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