The Best & Worst TV Neighborhoods For Trick-Or-Treating

Photo: Courtesy of The CW.
Today is the day, kids across the country are going to suit up and demand candy at the homes of strangers. I don’t care how old you are, the idea of dressing up as someone or something completely different is made better only by the thought of getting some free treats. But apparently there is an age limit on trick-or-treating and those of us past the acceptable age are subject to judgement and suspicion. It’s not fair.
Many of us can now only imagine what it would be like to trick-or-treat the way we used to in the good old days, which gave me an idea. Just because this tradition is no longer the reality for us grown ups doesn’t mean we can’t visualize what it would be like to go trick-or-treating in some of the best and worst neighborhoods. We need to look no further than our favorite television shows for inspiration.
Looking back on the year’s television landscape, these are the neighborhoods that could make or break your trick-or-treating experience.

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